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[ sacred photography; family photography; langley, bc; campbell valley park; the moreton family. pt 2. ]

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Yes, this session was because of Karen’s Stage 4 cancer diagnosis – but we were having so much fun, it became less about that and more about just the family all being together.  I have had the privilege of doing a number of (what I like to call) “Sacred Sessions” – and I have found them to be so beautiful.  Many times, it’s the first time that everyone’s been together in a while – and it’s just so fantastic being for them to be with the people they love.   That is clear to me, every time.

But I wanted some time with just Karen.  I feel like she and I have a special bond.  For many years, we sat in the same spot – week after week – at our church.  We would hug and smile, and over the years – I grew to love Karen.  I watched her battle and beat her cancer diagnosis a few years back.  It was devastating to hear of it’s return – but she is a woman of dignity, of honesty and of “being real”.    She is living her journey admirably well.

I love this one … 

Then – after our time together, I got each of her family members to join her for some private time with her on the bench.  First up, her husband of 30+ years … Perry.

They are beautiful together.

How he looks at her … so amazing.

Next up?  Her son – Mike.  This guy and I have a special bond too.    I think super highly of him – and won’t lie … I was pretty pumped to be able to hang with him and his family during this session.  And watching the connection he has with his mom … their love, undeniable.

… this one may be my fave from the entire session …

… there were real conversations happening.  I have no clue what they were talking about … but when this happened, I must admit – I was pretty darn curious.

… next, Sherilyn.  A mother and daughter moment that I think speaks volumes in black and white …

I love this one too …

This image was requested by Perry + Karen.  On their wedding day, they didn’t get “hand” pictures … so they asked for one.   I think it was a pretty great request, I’m glad I captured it for them.

Then, Karen asked for a few more with her sister, Lynne … 

… and then, the session was over.

… but Sherilyn wasn’t QUITE finished lol.    I think this is a PERFECT photo to end this post with.  I mean, THIS is who the Moretons are.

Perry, Karen, Mike + Sherilyn … thank you.  What a huge honour to be asked to capture these moments for you.  I loved every single moment.  You are such a beautiful family.  Creative, witty, and full of love for each other.  May God continue to give you strength and peace as you walk this journey.  Much love to you all xx.

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