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If you happened to miss it, you can view Part One HERE and Part Two HERE.

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The stunning ceremony was over — Uli and Joanna were “officially” Mr. and Mrs.   That meant a whole lotta love needed to go ’round …

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We quickly did some family photos …

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And a few with the children before we headed off to Fort Langley for Bridal Party photos …

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After we rounded everyone up – Uli and Joanna debated how much time we had, and if we should head to Fort Langley as planned.  It was important to Joanna, who really wanted to head to the docks on the river – so I they followed me there.  That’s when we came upon a road closure from the First Nations in Fort Langley. The sign was specific + covered all bases. So – I got out of my truck, walked to the truck behind me holding Uli and Joanna, and said, “let me see what I can do.” I walked past the barricade, asking a timid “hello?” A man came out of his house and he approached me. I put out my hand, and he shook it as I told him my name and why I was there. I asked how long the barricade had been up, and he kindly said, “Five minutes ago. We are so tired of drug dealers and prostitution and drag racing in front of our homes.” Wow. “Sir,” I asked. “I’m in a dilemma here – I have wedding clients that were hoping to use the area past the barricade.” He smiled and nodded, “You go right on ahead. I love weddings … and if anyone asks you just tell them (his name) said it was ok.”

I was so grateful. And it was a good reminder that if you ask with respect, you will most likely get respect in return.

We headed to the docks …

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We climbed around to find some relief from the blazing sun.  Somehow the river was high (with all the drought, I’m not sure how that was possible) … so it made heading onto the sand impossible.  But that’s ok.  We still have a lot of options …

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I LOVE THIS … these two couldn’t stop laughing.  Or kissing.  That would be why there’s either laughing or kissing in every.  single.  photo.  *grin*

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Uli’s groomsmen were all from Germany.  Let me tell you — I didn’t understand half of what they said, and I was STILL in stitches, laughing with them.  A great group, for certain.

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I’m telling you … you could hear them laugh from miles away …

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And the ladies were radiant …

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The joy could NOT be hidden …

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… you can see it in every image …

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… see what I mean??  LOVE.   JOY.  BLISS.

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Oh my goodness … the laughter is contagious … it makes me smile even now *grin*.

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It was time to head back — but they asked for one last shot with their “get-away-car” …

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By the time we were back at their reception location – my time with them was done.  But I made sure to stay just a little longer … I mean, I had to get even just a COUPLE more photos, right??  RIGHT.

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Joanna, Uli – what a pleasure to meet you, to spend your wedding day with you – to celebrate and cheer you both on as you start your lives together overseas.  I won’t lie, so sad that I won’t be able to meet you with your finished images … unless I could somehow make it over to Germany LOL.  I am so honoured to have been chosen, and trust that these images will let the memories come flooding back.  All the laughter, the joy, the LOVE.  Congratulations, and much blessing on you both!

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  • Margaret Lepp - Such great pictures of a beautiful couple – Joanna is splendid – inside and out!!! Blessings to you both.ReplyCancel

  • Di Hilstad - I am so happy for Joanna and Uli and esp grateful to be able to share their day in this way. Thank you for posting your stunning work. You captured their day beautifully. I truly enjoyed all 3 of the blog posts.ReplyCancel

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